CWTC [Episode 99] Stroke Deficits, Disuse Myopathy, Aftercare for Stoma

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Welcome to Coffee with the Coder®, our conversation with Paula Digby and her team to address issues, observations and questions for Health Information Management professionals, physicians, auditors, payors and students. You are invited to listen in for ten to twenty minutes every other Monday and to submit your favorite questions or comments for Coffee with […]

Revenue Cycle Short Circuits: Keeping the Flow

Coding Under Pressure: Reporting Pressure Ulcer Care in CPT

Webinar “Coding Under Pressure: Reporting Pressure Ulcer Care in CPT” July 26, 2018 beginning at Noon Eastern (9am Pacific)

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Often, reporting pressure ulcer care can be confusing and frustrating. From differentiating between non-excisional to excisional debridement, to accurately reporting active wound management and surgical interventions.  Reporting pressure ulcer treatment can really make you feel like you are “under pressure. In this session we want to lift that pressure and show you how pressure-free coding […]

CPT© Skin Procedures 2016: Part 1 Lesions and Lacerations (Skin Repair)

CPT© Skin Procedures 2016: Part 3 Pressure Ulcers and Burns

ICD-10-CM: Cardiovascular Conditions

ICD-10-CM for Pneumonia

Webinar “CDI: Today’s Words, Tomorrow’s Impact” Thursday, February 19, 2015

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CDI (clinical documentation improvement) is the process whereby qualified professionals assist the clinician to input all relevant details in the medical record. In some organizations one or more staff members is tasked with this as a primary function. But not all organizations utilize this person. As each of our organizations gears up for the transition […]