Welcome to Coffee with the Coder®, our conversation with Paula Digby and her team to address issues, observations and questions for Health Information Management professionals, physicians, auditors, payors and students. Listen in for twenty minutes or so every other Monday and send in your favorite questions or comments for Coffee with the Coder® To receive text notifications send an email to help@AQ-IQ.com with your request. We will text you in the hour prior to the start of the next episode. Paula Digby tells the “Insiders” during Episode 138 about reporting cancer as historical or current and how to determine whether treatment is considered active or preventative. Questions for Episode 138 include one from Estee, who is interested in becoming a coder and one from Candace who wonders which telehealth services have been permanently approved for PT/OT and Speech.

Congratulations to Estee for winning today’s “mugging”! We did experience video disruptions during the call, yet the audio is good.  To watch episode 138, click this lovely mugshot from Donna. (Just so you know, the captions are not yet validated.)

Connect for Episode 139 on April 11th, beginning at 10:10 am Eastern (7:10 am Pacific). “Insiders” begins at 10 am Eastern. You’ll find us on Free Conference Call HD,  Linked In, YouTube, and on Facebook.

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