HHS announced a new $25 million funding opportunity to help states strengthen and expand their ability to help seniors and people with disabilities access home and community-based long-term services and supports.  Over the next one to three years, funding will support Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) in nearly every state.

Each year, more seniors, people with disabilities and their families are confronted with often challenging decisions about how to obtain the long-term services and supports they need.  Choices range from care in their home to care in a nursing home; social supports for daily living to home health care; transportation to physical therapy to name a few.  ADRCs will make it easier for people to learn about and access the services that are available in their communities and best meet their needs.

The initiative, known as the Aging and Disability Resource Center Program, is established through a partnership between the Administration for Community Living (ACL), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The VHA will make an additional $27 million available over 3 years in ADRC-funded states through the VA Medical Centers. This funding will increase access to home and community-based services for veterans through ADRC programs.

The ADRC Program will help state agencies administer and better coordinate state and federal long-term service and support programs for older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans with disabilities.  Approximately eight states will be competitively selected to accelerate the development over a three-year period of the creation of single entry point models, which provides one-on-one options counseling to streamline the intake and eligibility determination processes for consumers accessing long-term service and support programs.

In addition to accelerating activities in the eight states selected, funding will be provided by ACL to up to 40 states next year to support their current ADRC programs.  This will help them develop a sustainable infrastructure that is critical to ensuring ongoing coordinated access to services.

More information about Funding Opportunity Numbers HHS-2012-ACL-RO-1210 and HHS-2012-ACL-DR-1213may be found on:

ACL – http://www.hhs.gov/acl/

CMS – http://www.medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Long-Term-Services-and-Support/Balancing/Balancing-Incentive-Program.html

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