Greg Digby225x309This episode of “A Clinical Minute” has Dr. Digby describing the vascular system.

Some of the terms he mentions are:

adventitia, aorta, arteries, arterioles, arteriovenal anastomosis, atria, AV shunt, basal lamina, blood pressure, blood vessels, capillaries, capillary bed, carbon dioxide, chronotrophy, clotting factors, constrict/relax, continuous, diastole, discontinuous, elastic artery, endocardium, endothelium, epicardium, factors, fenestrated, fenestrations, heart, heart valves, hemoglobin, hormones, internal elastic lamina, ionotrophy, Kupffer cells, large vein, lipids, lipoproteins, longitudinal smooth muscle, lumen, lymphatic system, medium artery, medium vein, metabolism, myocardium, oxygenated blood, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, RBCs, sinusoid, smooth muscle, systolic, thermoregulation , tissues, tunica adventitia, tunica externa, tunica intima, tunica media, veins, ventricle, venules, won Willebrand factors.

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