Greg Digby225x309This episode of “A Clinical Minute” has Dr. Digby describing the integumentary system.

Some of the terms he mentions are:

APC antigen presenting cell, apocrine sweat gland, arrector pili muscle, bacteriostatic, basal lamina, basal layer, bone marrow, collagen, collagen I and III, connective tissue, cornification, cornified epithelium, cortex, cuticle, dendrites, dermal papillae (fingerprints), dermis, desmosomes, eccrine sweat gland, epidermis, eponychium, hair bulb, hemidesmosomes, holocrine secretion, homeostasis, hypodermis, hyponychium, immune response, keratin plate, keratinization zone, keratinocytes, keratohyalin, langerhans cell, lipid envelope, lunula, lymphocyte, matrix, medulla, melanin, melanocyte, Merkel cell, nail plate, nail root, neural crest, piloerection, reticular layer, sebaceous gland, sebum, sensory neuron, short form wave electromagnetic radiation, spinosum, stem cell, stratified squamous epithelium, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum, stratum spinosum, tactile sensation, thermoregulate, thiamine dimers, trichohyalin, UV radiation

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