How can we use AI to Preserve Privacy in Biomedicine?

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AI has taken the world and medical field by storm. We use AI in everyday task without even realizing it. AI is now being used to protect patient privacy.  Do you use voice activated programs?  Everyone is constantly looking for ways to make life simpler and more effective.  . What types of AI do you […]

13 hospitals receive funding as special pathogen care hubs

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Highly infectious diseases require special care and treatment, we are all familiar with the COVID-19 and Ebola outbreaks. Maybe you are also familiar with John Hopkins Medical Center or Denver Health and Hospital Authority, which are two out of the ten regional emerging special pathogen treatment centers. These hospitals will all receive funding to make […]

Heart medication shows potential as treatment for alcohol use disorder

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Heart disease and alcohol use disorder sound like two separate things, but they do have something in common. The drug spironolactone. This drug is typically seen as a heart medication, however a recent study shows that this drug can also help treat alcohol use disorder! This drug can help high blood pressure and assist patients […]

What are COVID Toes?

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Have you experienced COVID-19? Did your toes or fingers feel swollen during the time? This recent study explains a connection between COVID-19 and swollen toes. The swelling does not only occur in the toes but can also affect the fingers! Did you or someone you know have this symptom with COVID? (4-minute read) What are […]

Webinar “Get Comfy with SOFA and Sepsis” Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 1pm Eastern

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Sepsis is a multifactorial disease that can originate from many pathways. It seems to cause considerable confusion amongst coders and often leads us to queries due to a lack of clear documentation. Its symptoms can go from bad to worse in a very short time. One of the areas which adds confusion for coders when […]

Study sheds new light on the risk of rare blood-clotting condition after covid-19 vaccination

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Did you or anyone you know receive the COVID-19 vaccine? A recent study links the Covid-19 Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to TTS. The following article also talks about the other vaccines and recent studies done on them. What are your thoughts and concerns about the recent findings regarding COVID and the vaccines? (8 minute read) Study sheds […]

UT Southwestern study uncovers a causative signaling pathway in breast cancer

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A recent study identifies a new cause of breast cancer.   With a family history of breast cancer it definitely causes concern for the women in my family.  Breast Cancer is the number one type of cancer that effects women.   Hopeful for a cure, these findings appear a step in that direction. (4 minute read) UT […]