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CWTC [Episode 178] ICD-11, Neoplasm or Gastric Surgery Aftercare, Steroid Induced Hyperglycemia

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Welcome to Coffee with the Coder®, our conversation with Paula Digby and her team to address issues, observations and questions… Please log in to view this content.

Monkeypox – Global Health Emergency

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared monkeypox to be a global health emergency. Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explained in a press conference July 23, 2022. Visit the WHO site for the latest reports. As mentioned in the “Insider’s” portion of Coffee with the Coder® Episode 148, experts are seeking a more appropriate name […]

COVID-19 New ICD-10-CM Code

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UPDATE: March 26, 2020 CMS has launched www.coronavirus.gov for information on COVID-19 Additional guidance may be found on the Current Emergencies page UPDATE: March 18, 2020 The CDC has announced that the effective date for this new code is April 1, 2020. Read the announcement here Responding to the public health emergency of the 2019 […]