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Visit this page at CMS.gov for updates and additional details.

Effective immediately, the point of contact (POC) for all questions or concerns related to New Posting Notifications is Alpheus Parkes. Please feel free to concms-logo-250x100tact me by phone (410-786-0282) or e-mail (alpheus.parkes@cms.hhs.gov.). Thank you.

Section 302 of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 made the Recovery Audit Program permanent and required the Secretary to expand the program to all 50 states by no later than 2010. See below for a link to the text of this legislation.

Each Recovery Auditor is responsible for identifying overpayment and underpayments in approximately ¼ of the country. The Recovery Audit Program jurisdictions match the DME MAC jurisdictions. See below for a link to the Recovery Audit Program Jurisdiction Map.

The Recovery Auditor in each jurisdiction is as follows:

Region A: Diversified Collection Services (DCS)

Region B: CGI

Region C: Connolly, Inc.

Region D: HealthDataInsights, Inc.

All correspondence, websites and call centers will be in the name of the Recovery Auditors above. Click the link below to obtain contact information for each Recovery Auditor.

Sept.1, 2011 Recovery Audit Program Final SOW [PDF, 292 KB]

Recovery Auditors Contact Information [PDF, 222 KB]

Recovery Audit Program Slide Presentation [PDF, 39.2 KB]

Recovery Audit Program Final SOW [PDF, 187 KB]

Recovery Audit Program Subcontractor Information [PDF, 53.9 KB]

Additional Links for Providers [PDF, 10.5 KB]



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