Strengthening Medicare: Better Health, Better Care, Lower Costs

Efforts Will Save Nearly $120 Billion for Medicare Over 5 Years


CMS and the Obama Administration are committed to strengthening Medicare, improving the health of seniors and the quality of the care they receive, and lowering costs.
The Affordable Care Act provides a breadth of new tools to help Medicare beneficiaries and taxpayers. CMS has already implemented a wide array of quality improvements and delivery system efficiencies: providing new preventive benefits, tying payment to quality standards, investing in patient safety, and offering new incentives for providers who deliver high-quality, coordinated care. These reforms lay the foundation for a broad
reform of our health care delivery system. At the same time, CMS has also taken a series of actions independent of the health reform law that are aimed at saving money for taxpayers and beneficiaries and improving the quality of care.
These efforts have as their goal improving the care Americans receive, leading to better health, and lowering costs for patients, providers, and taxpayers. This report outlines these provisions and finds that they will save nearly $120 billion for Medicare over the next five years.

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