Hey y’all! We’re back with another blog update, this time with a little more background information from another one of our wonderful presenters, Heather Bryans! Heather has officially been working with Paula and the team for 6 years as of this January.


Here is Heather in her own words about what drove her to become a part of the AQ-IQ/AQ-Consulting team.


My interest in Healthcare began in my last year of college while working on a degree in Psychology.  Although I had always had family and friends who worked in various fields in healthcare, as a kid my interest were a little more varied and random I wanted to be everything from a Princess to Indiana Jones.  

Healthcare just wasn’t a field I ever really saw myself in. But that all changed in a Sociology class I took my senior year; the class, Society and Healthcare, was all about how we as a society look at and are affected by healthcare. What really stood out to me was how important the behind the scenes work was in relation to patient care. I was aware of course of how important having well trained doctors and nurses etc. was but what I had never considered was exactly how important the people working in areas like H.I.M are and how the work done there really and truly affects patient care.  

After graduating with my Psychology degree I spent some time working as a tutor for high school and college students in a variety a subjects like: Psychology, Sociology, English, History, Geography and Anthropology.   After speaking with a family friend who was a medical coder I decided that I would try my hand at coding.  About 6 years ago I found my way to AQ Consulting and AQ-IQ and it’s been the opportunity of a lifetime. I have had the good fortune of learning and working in a variety of areas within while at AQ Consulting. I’ve gained experience in everything from inpatient rehab to outpatient facilities and everything in between. With AQ-IQ I have been able use my passion for research and education to help create webinars and education on a variety of topics. I am excited to continue my journey with AQ Consulting and AQ-IQ and look forward to the adventures and opportunities still to come.

Heather Bryans CCS, CPC


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