Hello everyone! We’re back with our introduction series and this time we’ll be hearing from our very own Pam Proctor! She is the guru behind the AQ-IQ website, webinar, and product management, as well as conducting our internal team meetings and messages to keep us on track.  She’s our client services pro and we really don’t know where we’d be without her!


For me it all started with a phone call a decade ago. The caller asked if I would drive an hour to learn a new skill and then use that skill on the internet to help her business. I was happy to do that because learning is fun and technology is fun and business is fun, too. (My motto had been, “If it isn’t fun – I’m not doing it!”) And the more I learn – the more there is to learn. What a win-win situation that is!

That conversation and the events that followed lead me to being in the right place the day AQ-IQ.com was born. I’m still learning new skills and using them on the internet.

My dearest and I have been married 38 years and have four sons and a daughter. We work in our church’s food ministry. At some point in their educational journey, each of our children was taught at home. Together we’ve studied such diverse topics as art and problem-solving, basic science and practical mechanics, language expression and time management, philosophy and home economics.  It’s no wonder that anything regarding medicine would fit right into the category of “learning is fun”. I’ve often teased that “this Mom got her medical education one co-pay at a time” because we were blessed to have doctors who explained whatever disease process we were facing and the practical steps we needed to take toward health.

Before all this I grew up in a grocery store. As the boss’ daughter, I was able to see aspects of the business that were invisible to customers and employees alike. I learned to care for the business and the customers and I learned skills that were helpful in most of my other projects.

When I started working in technology for AQ-IQ and AQ Consulting, I asked to handle the Client Services work. This part of my role is always interesting and ever changing because each client is unique and their scenarios, while potentially similar, usually have components that are also unique. For me, that spells f-u-n!






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