CWTC [Episode 35] MRI during Rehab, Denials and 60%, Morbid Obesity, Diabetes, 7th Character - Make Your Revenue Smarter

Welcome to Coffee with the Coder®, our conversation with Paula Digby and her team to address issues, observations and questions for Health Information Management professionals, physicians, auditors, payors and students. You are invited to listen in for ten minutes every other Monday and to submit your favorite questions or comments for Coffee with the Coder®

Today Paula Digby speaks to charging for additional services (such as MRI/CT) during a rehab stay and reminds us that denials can affect 60% compliance. There are also questions regarding morbid obesity (multiple settings) and diabetes coding. Then Ms Digby addresses a common confusion: 7th character selection for the etiologic diagnosis (IRF PAI) vs the principal diagnosis (UB-04) and comorbidities.

This document from the National Institutes of Health provides guidance on reporting BMI

Congratulations to today’s winner, Joy from Arkansas! This “mug shot” is our own expert, Heather Bryans.

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