CWTC [Episode 20] Hospital vs Practice Code Match, Gestational DM, TBI Residuals in Rehab - Make Your Revenue Smarter

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September 11, 2017

Due to Hurricane Irma our technology is not as advanced as normal. If this is the first episode you’ve encountered we appreciate your participation and encourage you to listen for the content more than to the extra sounds.

In this episode we hear Paula Digby answering questions regarding whether the codes will typically match between a hospital and the physician practice that is performing procedures in that hospital; whether gestational diabetes will be coded for a patient who was diagnosed with DM in a previous pregnancy; and a concern regarding conflicting guidelines between the IRF and the acute care diagnoses when the acute physician didn’t associate the residuals with the previous TBI but the Rehab physician did.

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The “mug shot” here is of Pam Proctor, our Client Services Director.

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