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Paula Digby describes compliance plans in Part 2 for our “Insiders” of Episode 168. During Episode 168 she responds to three inpatient rehabilitation questions from our friend Anonymous. First, a request to validate the appropriate PDx code for the claim form. Anonymous says, “Others use a different code than I do, which of us is correct?” Secondly, when reporting morbid obesity with hypoventilation syndrome we lose our tier (higher compensation for significant illness). Can I utilize another code that would tier us? Finally, what documentation is needed to report Z43.9 (attention to trach)?

Congratulations Shubhra for winning the “mugging” today!” Coffee with the Coder® LOVES your questions!!

To watch episode 168, click on the happy mugshot of Kellie, Donna, and Abby. (Just so you know, the captions are not yet validated.)

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