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Coding Mammography: Screening vs Diagnostic

Coding mammography’s can confusing to say the least. How do you know what exam is most appropriate to code? Is it a screening Mammography or a Diagnostic Mammography? Is it Digital or Computer Aided Detection?  What Diagnosis should you report if it is a screening Mammography? The purpose of this session is to help clear up that confusion.
This course authored by Heather Bryans.

Topics for this session:

  • The definitions of Screening and Diagnosis Mammograms;
  • CPT © and HCPCS codes used to report Mammograms;
  • CMS reporting guidelines; the latest NCCI changes;

One of our students had this to say, “One of the hardest things when coding mammograms is determining if it is “diagnostic” or
“screening”. This course was quite helpful :)”

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