Greg Digby225x309This episode of “A Clinical Minute” has Dr. Digby explaining heart disease.

Some of the terms he mentions are:

ACE inhibitor, aneurysm, ANG1, ANG2, angeotensine converting enzyme inhibitor, angina pectoris, anti-oxidant, arteriosclerosis, athrosclerosis, athrosclerotic disease, atrium, beta blocker, beta one adronergic receptor, blood clot, blood pressure, calcium channel blocker, cardiac output,
chest pain, cholesterol, contraction, coronary angiogram, coronary artery disease, coronary catheterization, coronary heart disease,
descending artery, diabetes, diastolic function, diuretic, doppler ultrasound, echocardiogram, ejection fraction, electrocardiogram, endothelium, excretion, foam cell, HDL, heart wave, high density lipoprotein, HMG CoA, HMG CoA reductase, heart attack, hypertension, ischemia, ischemic heart disease,
LDL, lipid, low density lipoprotein, lumen, macrophage, mevalonic acid, nitrate, occlusion, plaque, PQRST, relaxation, resveratrol, risk factors, smoking, statins, stenosis, synthesis, systolic/diastolic ratio, thrombus, vasoconstrictor, vasodilation, ventricle, vitamin C

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