Trip hazards are all around us. In the business of healthcare, we are a focus for multiple review agencies as well as the patients we serve. Even a little stumble could cause big ramifications. Are you concerned about tripping and falling into a challenging compliance situation? Join us as we bring insight into the top compliance risks for 2021. Throughout this session we will address the OIG’s workplan and other potential risks that are looming for healthcare providers. In addition, to help give you some stability, we will discuss effective defense strategies that may assist you to reduce your risk and keep from tripping into a dreaded situation.

Attendees will be able to:
• Identify at least 5 compliance risk areas
• Evaluate their own organizational risks as compared to the current OIG Workplan
• Apply learned information to educate others on the identified risks from this presentation

Cost for this event is $99 per person. Send in your toughest questions when you register for this event. 

For questions email us: or call 877-976-6677

This presentation is written by Paula Digby and Heather Bryans.

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