Whether you work for a small independent practice or a large health care facility, whether you work in a specialty or general practice there is one common and daunting worry we all face in healthcare. Compliance. As many of us know being compliant in healthcare is like swimming in murky rough waters; one wrong move and we could go under. In this session we are going to be focusing on a very important aspect of healthcare compliance— The False Claims Act.

In the 1 hour session, we will discuss:

  • What the False Claims Act is
  • How the FCA affects healthcare
  • The importance of being in compliance
  • Recent changes to the False Claims Act

and more. One CEU from AAPC is available for attending the entire session.

Be sure to note your “toughest question” when you register for this event today!

For other questions email us: sales@aq-iq.com or call 877-976-6677

Be sure to note your toughest questions when you register for this session to be presented Thursday, September 14, 2017 at noon pm Eastern (9:00 am Pacific). Cost for this session is $195. Annual subscribers of AQ-IQ.com are not billed. Not sure if you are a subscriber? Register for the session and we’ll verify your status.

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For questions email us: sales@aq-iq.com
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