Like electricity, we often don’t concern ourselves with the Revenue Cycle until there’s a break in the flow – such as a short or interruption. In this webinar we examine the overall Revenue Cycle and the strategic importance of correct documentation, coding and billing.

After reviewing the webinar attendees will:

  • Be able to identify “at risk” documentation behaviors and describe consequences.
  • Describe how defensive as well as offensive coding could be problematic.
  • Identify how documentation and diagnosis coding not only impacts payment but could cause risk of reduction in physician scores and patient confidence.
  • Recognize process inefficiencies that can cause lost revenue and put the practice at risk and reduce patient satisfaction.
  • Understand the relationship between appropriate coding, documentation and follow up protocols.
  • Learn how your EMR may be able to help you.

and more.

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Be sure to note your toughest questions when you register for this session to be presented Thursday, March 82018, at noon Eastern (9:00 am Pacific). Cost for this session is $189. Annual subscribers of are not billed. Not sure if you are a subscriber? Register for the session and we’ll verify your status.

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