Mastering the use of modifiers is an important skill all coders should have in their toolkit. Modifiers are a critical component of coding. Using modifiers correctly can reduce the risk of lost revenue and improve audit compliance. Using modifiers incorrectly can result in lost revenue and increased claims scrutiny. In general, all coders likely already know the basics of modifier usage. However, to truly succeed when using modifiers you must become a Modifier Master.  This session will provide a deeper look into some of the riskiest modifiers in both CPT and HCPCS; risky because of their common inappropriate appearance on claims. In this session we will address both proper and improper utilization of high risk modifiers -22, -25, -26, -50, -59, and -62.

While walking you through how to become a Modifier Master we will briefly explore the basics and quickly move to an advanced discussion while examining :

  • Dangers associated with using these and other high risk modifiers in CPT/HCPCS;
  • Which organizations are targeting which modifiers;
  • Pointers to appropriately use modifiers for accurate reimbursement and claims defense;
  • Interactive case studies – How well do you know your modifiers?

Participants will:

  • Apply first hand knowledge to effectively append modifiers using best practice techniques.
  • Recognize inappropriate modifier use and perform corrective action as needed.
  • Explain use of which modifiers poses the highest risk and how to mitigate it.

Cost for this event is $99 per person.
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This presentation is written by Paula Digby and Heather Bryans.

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