Paula-Oct2013_832x1248Important Update: Due to the volume of questions we’ve received on this topic, it will be presented in two parts. Part 1: Lesions and Lacerations (Skin Repairs) will be presented this week. Part 2: CPT Other Skin Procedures will follow next month to address the remaining aspects of this topic.

Sometimes coding procedures on the integumentary system in CPT© really gets under your skin! But once we realize that our questions are usually “only skin deep” and that a new perspective can make coding skin procedures in CPT© less difficult, we can basque in the light of confidence. One CEU from AHIMA is available for attending this complete session.

In CPT© Coding Skin Procedures 2016, you’ll gain that new perspective as we discuss the answers to the questions most often submitted to our experts, including:

  • How/when to report excision of lesions versus and/or with repair of the skin?
  • Do I add the length of all my lacerations together or report them separately?
  • Can you explain what is the difference in a flap and a graft and how to code them in CPT?
  • What do I report for a lumpectomy on the breast? (This will be in Part 2)
  • Can I use a modifier -25  or -59 on a lesion removal? 
  • What is the difference in debridement codes (11000-11047) and “Active wound care management with selective/non-selective debridement in the Medicine Section of CPT?  (This will be in Part 2)
  • What ICD-10-CM code should I use to prove medical necessity? (This will be covered in both sessions.)

and more.

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