Starting in 2017, AMA created new codes for conscious sedation services and deleted the old ones.  In addition, CMS determined to allow payment for these services in certain situations.  Listen in as we provide information on the background and the AMA approved definition of Conscious Sedation Services. In the 1 hour session, you will learn and be able to apply your knowledge for appropriate billing and coding after a detailed discussion of:

Topics for this session include:

  • How to report conscious sedation services using CPT codes.
    Understand what services still include bundling edits for conscious sedation.
    Learn what cases Medicare will consider for payment.
    Learn when Modifier -59 will still be necessary.
    What is required for documentation of Time and other elements to support billing and much more.

and more.

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This session is scheduled for 60 minutes, Thursday, February 16, 2017, beginning at Noon Eastern (9:00 am Pacific).

Cost for this session is $225. Annual subscribers of are not billed. Not sure if you are a subscriber? Register for the session and we’ll verify your status.

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