Coding for Injections and Infusions is undoubtedly one of the most common areas of struggle for coders across the country in a variety of settings. It is a real coding conundrum. Whether you struggle with misconceptions about injections, have hydration frustration or struggle with infusion confusion you are not alone. In this session we hope to take the sting out of reporting these service by helping you understand how to properly report injections and infusions in CPT. In this session we will walk you through the guidelines, the definitions, whether physician involvement is required, code selection based on the time the services were provided, and documentation and billing requirements. This presentation is recommended to those who want to ensure accuracy, prevent revenue loss and put an end to the injection and infusion conundrum once and for all.

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Send in your toughest questions when you register. For questions email us: or call 877-976-6677

Topics include:

  • CPT codes for Reporting Injections, Infusions and Hydration Services;
  • Regulatory Guidance including Coverage Decisions and NCCI edits
  • Documentation Requirements for ensuring Medical Necessity and more.

Attend this session to learn to:

  • Utilize learned information to make accurate decisions regarding coding for injections and infusions
  • Apply rules for selecting the diagnosis and achieving medical necessity for reported services

• Describe key CMS rules and regulations specific to injections and infusions and apply this knowledge in their own providers claims.

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This presentation is written by Paula Digby and Heather Bryans.

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