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Tuning Up the Code Set (ICD-10-CM Updates 2024)

Once a year many of us take our cars to our local repair shop or mechanic to get a tune up. As our cars become more and more sophisticated, with computer systems and electronic ignitions, this is becoming more and more important to keep our vehicles in tip top shape.  Although for some of us this process can be time consuming , frustrating and expensive, tune ups help maintain our cars’ performance and stability.  Making sure we are taking our cars in at least once a year helps ensure that they continue to run safely and efficiently.

Updates in code sets work in much the same way; it may be frustrating that every year we have to update our knowledge but these updates are meant to improve upon how we report the patient’s overall picture of health. October 1, 2023 will mark the eighth update to the ICD-10-CM code set; and whether you’re a coder, a provider, payer, or a  consultant, these new code changes will impact you.

There are fewer changes this year than last year, yet we do have  395 new codes,  25 deleted codes, and 22 revised codes as well as multiple changes to guidelines and parentheticals throughout the code set. In this session we will examine those changes and help you tune up your knowledge of the ICD-10 CM code set.

Topics include:

  • New, Revised and Deleted ICD-10 CM codes;
  • Documentation Requirements;
  • Guideline Revisions

Attend this session to learn to:

  • Identify the numerous coding updates, revisions and deletions and apply learned knowledge in selecting diagnosis codes
  • Recognize potential documentation needs required by new and revised codes
  • Describe guideline revisions and apply this knowledge
This course presented by Paula Digby

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