CPT© Skin Procedures 2016: Part 2 Wounds and Debridement

CPT© Skin Procedures 2016: Part 4 Breast Procedures

CPT© Skin Procedures 2016: Part 3 Pressure Ulcers and Burns

Webinar “CPT© Skin Conditions 2016” Thursday, March 10, 2016 beginning at Noon Eastern

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Important Update: Due to the volume of questions we’ve received on this topic, it will be presented in two parts. Part 1: Lesions and Lacerations (Skin Repairs) will be presented this week. Part 2: CPT Other Skin Procedures will follow next month to address the remaining aspects of this topic. Sometimes coding procedures on the […]

RAC Focus: IP DRGs for Skin Procedures

ED Charge Capture –Stopping the Hemorrhage!