Relieving the Pressure: Coding for Laminectomies in CPT

Coding For Mammograms with CPT

Webinar “Coding For Mammograms with CPT” Tuesday, December 19, 2017 beginning at Noon Eastern

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With over 30 million performed each year mammograms are one of the most commonly coded procedures we see in healthcare. Although there are only a few mammography codes, understanding how to choose the appropriate code can be frustrating. In this session we will clear away that confusion to make coding for mammography services stress free. […]

Webinar Replay “Clinicians: Signature Value” Thursday, August 28, 2014

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When you sign a medical record do you realize the power in your pen or keystroke? This topic is presented by Paula Digby and includes discussion on various aspects of signing the medical record, such as whether or not a signature is consider “legal” and maintaining compliance with various payer guidelines. A popular session in our […]