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Solving the Coding Puzzle: Interventional Radiology in CPT

Have you ever put together a puzzle? Usually you will look at the picture and then as you are closer to actually laying pieces down you look at the picture again to evaluate the pieces against the picture. You may do this over and over as you are putting together the puzzle. Putting the pieces in place takes focus and patience. Coding for Interventional Radiology & Cardiology is much the same. Understanding the vascular anatomy is huge for coding accuracy, followed by deciphering the documentation. Sometimes you have to read the note over and over again, drawing a visual picture or imagining it in your mind — it can seem like a big task, almost impossible. But, if we take it piece by piece, and gather as much detail as possible; solving the puzzle can be a simple task. In this session we will help you breakdown and piece back together the big picture of the vascular system and the puzzle of coding them.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Utilize learned information to make logical decisions regarding coding for Interventional Radiology/Cardiology procedures in CPT;
  • Describe the vascular anatomy and rules for gaining access, bundling edits, modifier use and diagnosis selection;
  • Describe key regulatory guidance specific to coding for surgical procedures and apply this knowledge in their own provider’s claims.
 This course authored by Paula Digby and Heather Bryans.

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