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Reporting EGD's in CPT: How to Perform a Thorough Investigation

Coding for EGDs can at times be a bit of a mystery. Trying to understand what is actually being performed can become a bit like an investigation. We have to put together the all breadcrumbs and clues the physician provides us with throughout the operative report to find the right code. We must be able to put the pieces together to determine what was performed and what wasn’t.
In this session we want to help you solve the mystery of coding for EGDs by helping you understand how to properly report these services in CPT. During the presentation we will walk through the guidelines, the definitions, code selection, and documentation and billing requirements. The goal of this session is to help ensure coding accuracy and prevent revenue loss and to finally solve the mystery of reporting EGDs in CPT.

This course presented by Heather Bryans.  

Topics include:

  • CPT codes for EGD Procedures;
  • Regulatory Guidance including Coverage Decisions and NCCI edits;
  • Documentation Requirements for ensuring Medical Necessity and more.

Attend this session to learn to:

  • Utilize learned information to make accurate decisions regarding coding for EGDs
  • Apply rules for selecting the diagnosis and achieving medical necessity for reported services
  • Describe key CMS rules and regulations specific to injections and infusions and apply this knowledge in their own providers claims.

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