Reporting Ambulance Services

When we think of ambulance services, the first thing that comes to mind is an accident or emergency situation where the ambulance or air transport rushes to the scene to pick up and treat injured individuals. It is also common however for Ambulance services to offer non-emergent transportation.
During this training session we will discuss when services can be reported as emergent and versus non-emergent transportation; CMS rules for ambulance services in general; common compliance risk; coverage guidelines; and, coding and billing.

This course presented by Paula Digby

Topics include:

  • Regulations associated with providing and reporting ambulance serves
  • Documentation Requirements and best practice recommendations
  • Coding and billing risks

Attend this session to learn to:

  • Identify medical necessity requirements and whether a service is emergent or non-emergent
  • Recognize risk areas in the documentation, billing and coding process for these services
  • Describe important aspects of the encounter, including details about the patient and the ambulance personnel

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