Radiology Reporting (Part 2, Coding for Diagnostic Radiology in CPT)

Coding for diagnostic radiology is a fast paced high-volume world for which coding precision is vital while the problems that diagnostic radiology coders encounter can be numerous. From the high numbers of records they must code to a lack of documentation in radiology reports and all the rules and regulations in between it can be an overwhelming and pressure filled environment. The purpose of this session is to alleviate that pressure by providing a clear understanding of the requirements and nuances of coding for diagnostic radiology. 

 This course authored by Paula Digby and Heather Bryans.

Course Topics:

  • Review CPT codes for diagnostic radiology procedures;
  • Discuss medical necessity and clinical documentation of these procedures; and,
  • Examine the applicable NCCI edits and NCD/LCDs for diagnostic radiology codes.

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