IRF Nursing Documentation: Are You Writing a Best Seller? — HG627-A, HG627-D, HG627-M, LB100-A, LB100-M, LB100-D, IRF14-A - Make Your Revenue Smarter

IRF Nursing Documentation: Are You Writing a Best Seller?

Title_HBG627In the rehab setting nurses are the glue that holds all components together to deliver the right care and to document that care in the right way that supports appropriate reimbursement. In this session Patty Camloh and Paula Digby will describe how and why nurses should write best-selling works (appropriate documentation) that “wow” the critics.

This course authored by Patty Camloh and Paula Digby.

Course Topics:

  • What are the critics saying about YOUR books? (a review of nursing documentation)
  • Writing your own best-seller (CMS regulations, Maslow’s theory, rehab nursing domain)
  • Getting all the details in (polishing your story for ICD-10 requirements)
  • Who are your critics? (who reads the documentation? why does it matter?)
  • How do coders utilize nursing documentation? (importance of CDI)

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