ICD-10-CM for Physician Practices — HP206-A, HP206-D, HP206-M, LB100-A, LB100-M, LB100-D - Make Your Revenue Smarter

ICD-10-CM for Physician Practices

HP206-boxPhysician practices have less to do with ICD-10 than hospitals – right? The answer may surprise you. In this timely presentation, Paula Digby explains what the physician in practice needs to know about this new revision of the International Classification of Diseases and what the staff needs to know to avoid the hiccups inherent in the process. This session addresses both outpatient services and physician practice services.

This course authored by Paula Digby.

Topics for this session:

  • ICD-10 Code Structure and general guidelines
  • The provider’s role in documentation for the capture of diagnoses
  • Case Studies for practice coding

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