ICD-9 Ancillary Coding: Labs, Radiology & Other Tests — HB412-A, HB412-D, HB412-M, LB100-A, LB100-M, LB100-D - Make Your Revenue Smarter

ICD-9 Ancillary Coding: Labs, Radiology & Other Tests

HB412-titleWhile it is a maxim in the industry that only tests that are medically necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of the patient should be ordered and billed, it is also true that there are a number of factors that influence the coding and billing of these and other services, in addition to the documentation by the physician. This session will provide guidance to the coder and biller regarding ICD-9-CM codes to report these services.

This course authored by Paula Digby.

Topics for this session:

  • Types of laboratories and CLIA impact
  • Screenings and Medicare
  • Billing and reimbursement considerations

and more.

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