ICD-10 for Inpatient Rehabilitation Documentation

HG622-boxThe day-to-day operations in our IRF facilities has morphed into a reality few could have predicted when the industry was in its infancy. With an eye to outcomes and a heart for patients, IRF providers have changed with the times. Now a new change is upon the industry in the form of the International Classification of Disease – Tenth Revision. This particular transformation involves a comprehensive shift in day-to-day operations to improve patient care, to solidify standards, and to bring appropriate reimbursement for services rendered. What do we have to know as the process moves forward?Two words: documentation and coding.This session will provide details for coders as they evolve during this transition and for physicians and their staff members for best practice documentation methods that stand the test of ICD-10. By appropriate coding of both the IRF-PAI and the UB-04, the coding staff assists in maintaining appropriate revenue. By detailing the description of the patient and the IRF stay in their documentation, the physician supports the level of care and use of resources for that stay.
This course authored by Paula Digby.

Topics for this session:

  • Basic reimbursement methodology and the importance of tunnel vision for the IRF-PAI
  • The provider’s role in documentation for the capture of diagnoses
  • ICD-10 Documentation Tips

and more.

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