CPT© Renovation CY2023 — HC750-A, HC750-M, HC750-D, LB100-A, LB100-M, LB100-D - Make Your Revenue Smarter

CPT© Renovation CY2023

Popular television shows recently have been home-makeover or renovation shows. They remain as beloved now as ever. They are fascinating to watch because the builders, architects and interior designers updating the homes don’t completely destroy or throw out what was already there– they update to make it more livable with new technology and streamlined designs. The CPT updates we have every year in January are much the same; codes and guidelines are not thrown out, they are updated or streamlined to match the ongoing updates we see in patient care. Whether its new technologies or new procedures we know healthcare is forever progressing and our CPT code set reflects that. For 2023 there have been 393 editorial changes made to the CPT code set, including 225 new codes, 75 deletions and 93 revisions. Join us for a walk through the major changes to the CPT code set and guidelines so you can renovate and update your CPT coding knowledge for the year to come.

Topics include:

  • The new/revised and deleted CPT codes
  • New CPT Guidelines
  • And CMS Coverage guidance

Attend this session to learn to:

• Utilize learned information to make accurate decisions regarding the use of new and revised CPT Codes
• Accurately apply new guidelines when reporting services represented by the new and revised codes
• Describe key CMS rules and regulations specific to these services
• Apply this knowledge in your organization

This course presented by Paula Digby

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