CPT© Coding Update for CY13 — HA163-A, HA163-M, HA163-D, LB100-A, LB100-M, LB100-D - Make Your Revenue Smarter

CPT© Coding Update for CY13

HA162-boxFor 2013 the word in CPT is “bundle”. In several sections, procedures that are commonly performed together are now reported with one code, rather than multiple codes. This overview is designed to introduce you to the many changes in CPT 2013. This course does not represent an extensive review of all changes to the 2013 CPT manual, a user should consult the actual manual for their specific specialty/service
This course authored by Paula Digby.

Course Topics:

  • E/M and time directives
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular sections
  • A quick look at the medicine section

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