ICD-10 for Coders and Clinical Staff (Part 3 of 4)

This archived course was originally presented to introduce ICD-10 to medical coders. Today it assists students of medical coding.

We’ve learned about the process of implementing ICD-10 in our organizations and now we’ll look closely at the coding of services using ICD-10 codes and we’ll begin to focus on documentation improvement. For those of you with a clinical perspective, you’ll hear a few details that may not seem relevant, but stay with us – by the end of this presentation you will understand more fully how you can improve both patient care and your hospital’s overall performance by simply tweaking your notes.


This course authored by Paula Digby.

Course Objectives:

  • Getting oriented to the new language of ICD-10
  • Learning to build a code
  • Practice using ICD-10CM and ICD-10 PCS

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