Chart Auditing 101: E&M

When it comes to coding E&Ms, accuracy is the key. Coding at a level of care too high for the supporting documentation can result in scrutiny from OIG, the RACs and payers alike, while undercoding results in a loss of revenue. In the recent past there has been a real focus on E/M services by the RACs and other auditors. With this increased scrutiny on such a common service, it is important that offices and facilities alike understand how to both conduct and learn from E&M coding audits.
In this session we will discuss the rules and regulations specific to E/M coding and documenting as well as the rules of auditing specific to E&M services. Join us to gain a better understanding of how E/M audits are performed and how you can use an auditor’s skill set to protect your office or facility.
This course authored by Heather Bryans.

Topics for this session:

  • How the rules of auditing apply to review of E&M encounters;
  • Documentation of E&M visits and the auditing process;
  • Documentation improvement for appropriate revenue

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