I give it a 10!
-PPS Coordinator, rating the IRF Pro Labs in Berwyn

I think we realize now how important our jobs are to IRF.
-coder, inpatient hospital and IRF PAI

This [IRF PRO Labs] is the most information I’ve ever gotten.
-IRF PPS Coordinator

I have not queried for CHF specificity in the IRF setting – now I will!
-coder, acute inpatient, IRF-PAI, and UB-04

Now I understand why the physician needs to associate diagnoses to treatments. I’d like to ask [them] what the meds are [given] for.
-IRF PAI Coordinator

I want [my coder] here next time!
-PPS Coordinator whose coder wasn’t able to attend.

What was the best part of IRF PRO Labs?
For me, it was understanding what they [the PPS Coordinator and CDI] are looking at.
-coder, inpatient hospital and IRF PAI

It’s [IRF PRO Labs] closing a lot of gaps for me.
-IRF/inpatient coding manager

I appreciate the small group; I’ve got difficult questions to ask.
-coder, outpatient and IRF

We need more of this!
-IRF Program Director

I feel more confident. I struggled [before this training] with spinal cords.
-IRF PPS Coordinator

Having my coders and PPS coordinators in the same room working on case examples was worth everything.
-IRF Program Director

Thank you for presenting before NGHIMA.  Your willingness to share your expertise not only benefits our NGHIMA members, but the entire HIM profession as well.
-Alan Soskel, NGHIMA President

What do you think compared to other trainings you have attended? Was it more engaging and thought provoking?

I have attended multiple training sessions provided by Paula.  She is expert in her field and has a special talent to explain complex coding concerns in a very simplified way. You always have many take home notes not only to improve your documentations but also to optimize payments using the correct and appropriate codes. Her talks are not didactic but she engages the audience in a fun way.

Did you feel you were “preached to” or was it an easy learning environment?

Presentations given by Paula were engaging and informative and never boring to non coders including other physicians like me. She takes questions as you go as well as at the end of the talk but able to keep the flow of the talk.

Were the case studies more complex than other trainings?

In fact case studies were all levels but she made them all look simple after she explained them.

What did you like about it?

Paula gives basic information for the starters but also covers everything you need to know about coding and documentation in one simple presentation.

Why would someone want to come and choose us over others?

Accurate and appropriate coding, billing and documentation  are so important in today’s health care environment that there is no room for error.  These errors are fraud as far as Medicare is concerned. Your training programs are comprehensive and allows participants to learn all that they need to know in a simple concise fashion with multiple examples.

-Dr J, IRF Physician, Arizona

I listened to your Coffee with the Coder® today.  I tuned in later and heard Heather answering questions about inpatient rehab coding. I found her very informative.

Thank you, and I really enjoy the Coffee with the Coder® series…I work in  an acute rehabilitation/subacute hospital.

-K, New Jersey

I really enjoy the Coffee with the Coder segments and will get the new coder listening to them as well. 🙂

-S, Ohio

I just want to take a moment to thank you for sharing your excellent knowledge with our HIM coding team.   You have an excellent way of describing the processes and stumbling blocks and your presentation is wonderful.

-P, HIM Director, Arizona

Thank you for organizing the Internal Medicine Specific ICD 10 training.

I thought that the quality of the information, the ability to tailor to our questions, and quality and experience of the consultant (sorry, I do not recall her name) were superior. I think the key for my experience was her obvious knowledge and ability to speak to the physician’s perspective, not simply the “coding” perspective we have been previously subjected to. Very much appreciate it is probably not inexpensive to procure such resources, so I wanted to be sure to acknowledge the difference that was obvious compared to some prior presentations through her experience – and that she was a very pleasant and well informed speaker.
-Dr S, IRF, Arizona

I’m sure you repeatedly hear it but I’ll say it again “Great Job”. Feel free to use me as a reference any time.
– Mark, New Hampshire

We have been blessed to have Paula Digby in our facility for the past three days doing a coding audit.  We had great participation and buy-in from both [name] Rehab and Medical Records Staff.

I feel like we have learned great nuances, from patient screening to billing that will help us capture the maximum reimbursement.

-Steve, Rehab Director, Indiana



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