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IRF PAI Manual Resource Tool with ICD-10-CM Documentation & Coding Cues

AQ-IQ IRF PAI Manual Resource Tool with ICD-10-CM Documentation & Coding Cues

by Paula Digby, CPC, CCS, AAPC Approved Instructor,  AHIMA Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer

You don’t want to miss out on this valuable resource!

This book will:

  • Define all diagnosis codes listed in Appendix A of the IRF-PAI manual.
  • Identify codes in section 6 that cause the case to meet and/or fail presumptive eligibility (60%).
  • Provide documentation clues and cues to tell your physician what to say about each diagnosis in Section 6 of the IRF-PAI Manual to assist you with achieving presumptive eligibility (60%); medical necessity and ICD-10-CM specificity. In addition, there is a section devoted solely to documentation of IRF services to achieve 60% and capture tiered comorbidities.
  • Define the payment logic of IRF services provided to CMS patients.
  • Identify IGCs as 60% compliant/non-compliant and provide IGC selection clues and cues.

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