A Push Toward Perfection 2018: Injections and Infusions

Title Slide Injections and Infusions 2018

The goal of this presentation is to help you understand injections and infusions: the guidelines, the definitions, whether or not physician involvement is required, code selection based on the time the services were actually provided, and documentation and billing requirements. Injections and infusions can be difficult to code properly, and in our reviews across the country, are a common problem area in many settings. To ensure accuracy and prevent revenue loss, we recommend this course to learn the requirements and become a pro even in this hard-to-perfect area.

This course authored by Paula Digby and Rucha Purohit.

Course Topics:

  • what type of documentation is needed,
  • the importance of precise start and stop times,
  • how to interpret and measure the medication provided, and
  • how to translate that into the correct codes.

and more.

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